day 1

So far I have invited one couple to dinner that I would not normally invite. In fact, the couple really had issues with my husband and me. He would ingnore us and not respond when we said hello.  Great time! The Bible says not only invite those that can repay but those who cant. The reward was in the lovely connecting time we had and being able to give something freely. The fellow pitched right in and helped with the cooking and his wife chatted quietly.

I have sent an email to a pastor in South Korea today to encourage him. I do not know him nor does he know me. I found his email above a devotional he wrote.

I have packed four shoe boxes for Samaritans Purse. I would pack at least one but this year I did one in honour of the grandchildren (although I have 5 grandchildren..two will have to share!) This year I simply went out and bought things without trying to get the cheapest items. This will be the only present some of the children receive in their lives.

As far as exercise today, I spent an hour out of doors pruning and raking leaves. It is a beautiful November day and I have two lovely Hummingbirds coming to the bird feeder. Rufus is just dazzling in his red and green coat.

-toy for Elves Club

-money for the street musician $5 to the man outside of Trail Bay Mail. He plays the guitar and sings

-gave away my floral arrangement that i made to Lucy at work

-brought groceries for the woman ahead of me in line at Super Store in honour of Nelson Mandala

-paid for coffee for two people

contributed to baskets for Open arms for the Christmas hampers #9


60 things for 60 years

I think we all stop and take stock of our lives ,especially as we get older. What have I done, what do I want to accomplish? We revisit dreams and grieve the things we know we cannot now do. Oh, but there is so much we CAN do. As I approach my sixtieth birthday (roar towards it is more apt) I have thought about the things I want to do during my 60th year. So..I made a list. 

1.Give 60 things away. De-clutter whether as gifts or to the thrift store

2.Invite 60 people throughout the year into our home who haven’t been before or I would not normally invite

3. Buy 60 food bank items forthe food band

4 Send 60 thank you notes or cards to people who have blessed my life

5. Write 60 things. Blogs, short stories, chapters…

6. Pay if forward. 60 good deeds I don’t usually do or have not done before

7. Spend 60 minutes a day on exercise in whatever form

8. Spend 60 minutes a day in prayer/meditation and study/reading

9. Spend 60 minutes a day writing

10. Spend 60 minutes a day learning Spanish. This desire keeps appearing whenever i set goals or think about hobbies!

So, here is the beginning. This blog will be the diary of how any of this works out. 

10. Spend 60 minutes a day learning Spanish.  (this one keeps popping up whenever i set goals

This blog will record the journey. It is convenient that my birthday starts at the beginning of the year but I think I will start now, just to get a head start. I am kinda excited.